Granny Squares


If you follow my Instagram account (if you aren’t, what are you waiting for? Here’s the link) you will know that I love to crochet. I used to love to knit, but a friend showed me how to crochet, and since then I’ve been using that as a way to relax.

I have started to do, what every crocheter does – Granny Squares!

It’s basically a square. Multiple ones can be stitched together to form blankets, bags, pillow covers etc and you can use individual ones as coasters. And what’s better? You could crochet them with colours based on the mood and the kind of day you had – wouldn’t that make for a colourful blanket!

Few examples I got off the internet

Sofa throw

Link to Pattern

Pillow Cover

Link to tutorial

I decided to go with the crochet-your-mood blanket, but also to make different types of granny squares.

Yesterday (21 August 2018) was day 1. And I crocheted a spiral granny square (from Youtube link and Written link). I had quite a productive day yesterday – finished a bunch of things that I had pending for over a week and I registered for a competition! Woohoo.

So as a result, bright colours like red, pink, purple and violet. But midway, I have no clue what mistake I made, I had to improvise and do extra stitches 😛

I will continue to add all the different squares that I do make, on a daily basis. Hopefully.

On another note, my character in Habitica lost all health points yesterday, and I lost a level. So today I am fully focused on completing all tasks and regaining all the health. So it’s kind of a good thing, I guess?

22nd August. Granny Square #2

Today’s pattern was taken from here.

It’s a Dally Dahlia Granny square. While the day started off beautifully – with meditation, yoga, schedules and to-do lists – it slowly unravelled with unexpected phone calls from friends who were going through things in life. I’m not complaining, they needed someoe to talk to…but after the calls, I was left in a hazy and lazy mood and had to force myself to get things done.

So chose the colours accordingly.


If you can see the wool coming out at the top, its because I made a mistake, and didn’t realize it until after I had cut the wool. Oops.

23rd August 2018 Granny Square #3

Today’s pattern – Granny Flower Square – was taken from here.

It was a good day. Started reading Lord of the Rings for the umpteenth time, in the terrace with beautiful views and cold wind. With monsoon slowly settling in here, everything around is a beautiful green, and as a result, this beautiful flower like pattern


Oooooh. And I got a dragon egg in Habitica – and it hatched. It’s a baby white dragon 🙂

27th August 2018 Granny Square #4

Today’s Pattern – Log Cabin Granny Square – was taken from here.

The past few days have been crazy, and somehow I end up with a lot of chores piled up at home during the weekends that I don’t have time to do other things. So it was two days without any crochet!

I started this off with a I want to do a square in only one colour mood….but the pattern was so pretty, I had to use 5.


If I’m honest, I’ve done a bunch of squares but good lord, I didnt get the time to put them up!
So here they are!

April Square from here.


Harmony Square from here.

But this came out kinda wonky?It’s not sitting flat, and has become curled at the last row – like a bowl? I don’t know what went wrong.


Petal Afghan Block from here.

This is so preeeeeetty!!!


And I have officially stopped doing this. A month back, we had a small family get-together and all the crochet squares I had made, have been taken by aunts and sisters. They are planning to use them as coasters.

I hope to restart this project again, though. Soon, hopefully.

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